increase your marketing ROI with Video Brochures

Intrigued and want to know how Video Brochures work?

Lift open the front cover and the video brochure comes to life with a HD IPS LCD screen, sharing your key communications with your audience in a visual, audible, and tangible form that has far greater level of engagement than a conventional brochure. We offer a range of LCD screen sizes from 2.4inch to an amazing 10.1inch so you can wow your clients with inbuilt motion video and sound. Thanks to a magnetic switch, your video starts to play automatically upon opening of the brochure. Like DVDs, video brochures can be easily viewed anywhere and anytime without the need for an internet connection or AC power.
Your company logo and branding, combined with custom print and video, will surely capture the attention of all who receive and view your video brochure, or, if you prefer Video Gift Boxes, Video Presentation Boxes, Video Business Cards, Video POS displays, and more.Video brochures can also be programmed with up to 10 buttons, giving you complete freedom and more control over your video brochure than ever before, including volume controls, on/off switch, video select, play/pause, skip next/previous etc.

Uploading video files on to the video brochure is made easy with a simple USB connection to your PC, MAC, or laptop. allowing multiple video compatibility so you can have more than one video on your video brochure!

We use leading technology
We offer graphic design
We deliver the finished product
We are there for you

the power of video in print

The Marketing Landscape Has Changed

In this fast paced world, where attention spans and over-use of text are a thing of the past, what better way to communicate your message assertively than with a video brochure!

Ideal for multi-sensory marketing, pitch documents, video brochures, video business cards, video gift box, direct video mailers, visual sales aids and branded print campaigns, Video Brochures Australia can offer you a range of brochure styles to suit your needs. Everything from brochure size, screen size, button configuration,video play time, and even graphics/video production, we can cater for your every need. If you already have a corporate video, what better way to place the video in the hands of your target audience than with a custom printed video brochure.

Your message can now be shared in Print, Video, and Audio, all in one versatile and unique portable package. The perfect leave-behind or mailer.

Short Runs, no problem! Fast Turnaround, easily done!

You can have as few as 25 full-color video brochures, custom printed, your video content pre-loaded, and delivered to your door in just 12 days from art approval.
If you need something even faster, we usually have on hand our 'Plain White Generic Video Brochures'.
Our Plain White Generic Video Brochures are fitted with a large and clear 7.0in IPS screen, 512Mb flash memory, pre-printed buttons for multi-video playback, and volume control.
You only need to apply your stickers over the top, upload your video content, and send it off in a matter of days.

Video Box

Specifications and Functions

Get more from your video brochure. We offer the most advanced usability and features giving you more flexibility and freedom to create and excite.

  • LCD Screen options:
    Screen Size (inch) Screen Size(mm) Screen Type Aspect Pixel Resolution View angle
    2.4 48*36 TFT 4:3 320*240 320*240 45°
    2.8 58*42 TFT 4:3 320*240 320*240 45°
    4.5 99*57 IPS 16:9 800*480, 1024*600,1280*720 800*480 176°
    5.0 107*60 IPS 16:9 800*480, 1024*600,1280*720 800*480 176°
    7.0 152*84 IPS 16:9 1024*600,1280*720,1920*1080 1024*600 176°
    10.1 221*123 IPS 16:9 1024*600,1280*720,1920*1080 1024*600 176°
  • Video Play: play can be activated by auto start on opening, on/off switch, light sensor, or, motion sensor.
  • Memory and Video Play Time (estimate and guide only): 128Mb (up to 7min), 256Mb (up to 15min), 512Mb (up to 30min), 1Gb (up to 60min), and so on *** Play time is subject to video compression and format used.
  • Battery capacity: Lithium-Ion rechargeable 4.0" and 5.0" screens fitted with 600mAh, 7.0" screens fitted with 1500mAh. Higher capacity batteries up to 8000mAh are available upon request.
  • Buttons: On/Off, Video Select, play/pause, Prev/REW, Next/FF, Volume Up, Volume Down. Up to maximum of 10 buttons are possible on a single video brochure.
  • Touch Screen: available on 7.0" and 10.1" screens.
  • Startup or Welcome Screen (aka splash screen, static screen): usually a company logo or product shot supplied as a JPEG which will display for 1-2 seconds whilst the video is booting up, referred to as Splash screen, or, the JPEG image can remain on standby until a video button is selected.
  • Supported Formats:
    Video Formats: MP4 H.264, H.265, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 video
    Audio Formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, OGG, FLAC, AAC, MPC, AIFF, AMR, RA.
    Photo Formats: JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF

Don't like buttons? Does Touch Screen work better for you?

With the latest touchscreen LCD technology, buttons are a thing of the past. You can play, pause, and skip your videos by simply touching the screen, as well as being able to alter the volume up and down. It also has a battery level indicator, so you'll know when you need to recharge! The touchscreens are available on 7.0" and 10.1" screens, and come with all of the same specifications of the standard video brochures – without the buttons! The touchscreen brochures can also be mounted into customised units for a truly distinctive in-store experience.

RCM compliance Brandmark

RCM compliance and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

Video brochures supplied by Video Brochures Australia comply with EN 55032 / CISPR 32 (Australia and New Zealand) and FCC Part 15B (USA and Canada). Our product was tested by an Australian based NATA accredited testing lab, meaning our test report is recognised internationally and accepted as final proof of compliance by regulators. Every video brochure product supplied by Video brochures Australia is printed with the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) for your peace of mind.

What is EMC?

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) refers to the ability of an electrical or electronic device or system to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic interference (EMI) to devices in that environment (such as radio receivers or other electronic equipment) and without itself being affected by EMI from other devices in that environment.

More Buttons,
More Control

At Video Brochures Australia we offer up to 10 button interface which gives your users more control and the ability to customise the functions of your video brochure. Buttons include:
- On/Off
- Video select
- Volume Up
- Volume Down
- Play/Pause
- Skip Next and Previous


NEED Design Services?

Video Brochures Australia can help you throughout all stages of design, video, production, print and supply. Video Brochures Australia has partnered with experienced Graphic Designers and Videographers to deliver stunning graphic design services and video production. Need professional graphics for your brochure? Or maybe a quick video to sell your product? Video Brochures Australia can help!


  • Creative
  • $POA
  • Video Brochure Skin Design
  • Professional Look
  • Experienced Graphic Designers

    Fast Turnaround
  • Video Production
  • $POA
  • Explainer

    Product Launch
  • Customer Testimonial
  • Educational
  • Direct Mail & Fulfilment
  • $POA
  • Printing, Addressing
  • Collate, Inserting
  • Variable Data Personalisation
  • Domestic and International distribution
* Minimum costings and include 3 rounds of changes. Prices are subject to quotation and specific needs for each project. Get in touch with Video Brochures Australia today for more information and detailed quotation on what you require.

FAQ AND Information

Here is a list of our most commonly asked questions

The VIDEO BROCHURE is a printed packaging with a built-in LCD screen, motherboard, speaker, rechargeable lithium battery, and a USB connection that allows for updating of content and recharging of the device.
The most common Video Brochure is the A5 Landscape with 7in IPS screen, finished in 400gsm coated stock card, although more and more clients are realizing the benefits of the Hard Cover Video Brochure at a nominal extra cost compared to the soft cover

Every order is unique, where the main cost factors are Quantity, and the LCD Screen size.
Shipping is included on all orders placed with us. In addition, we will pay the import duties and taxes when shipping directly to Australia, so there are no hidden costs when working with us.
Get in touch with us and we will guide you through quantity pricing, available print options, user interface options, as well as graphic design and video production services.
To receive competitive pricing for a specific quantity and screen size, please enquire via our contact form

Standard paper used is 400gsm single coated stock with matt or gloss cello. Soft Cover accounts for around 80% of our sales. Hard Cover, Leather Bound, Linen etc also available

The difference between Soft and Hard Cover can be confusing to the uninitiated, especially when the Soft Cover is anything but soft. In fact, the soft cover is made of 400gsm coated stock with lamination and folded over to form the video brochure.
The Hard Cover is a 1200~1400gsm greyboard lined with 157gsm paper. The final product is heavy and robust with a premium look and feel to it.
Hard Cover will usually cost approximately 15% more than the soft cover variant, subject to quantity ordered, and takes a little longer to produce than the Soft Cover

We accept orders from as little as 10 units printed in digital and 25 units printed in CMYK 4colour process

Budget - A5 Soft Cover with 4.5" IPS screen
Mid-Range - A5 Soft Cover with 5" IPS screen
Most Popular - A5 soft cover with 7" IPS screen
Premium - A5 Hard Cover with 7" IPS screen
Premium XL - A4 Hard Cover with 10.1" IPS screen

We do ship to countries other than Australia, direct from factory. Saving you the hassle of arranging air freight which would otherwise require specific Dangerous Goods labels and documentation, in accordance to IATA DANGEROUS GOODS REGULATIONS 60TH EDITION 2019

We can print your magazine or booklet and place it inside the Video Brochure cover. The text pages are usually 157~200gsm stock and saddle-stitched. We recommend A4 hard cover for best results

Unless otherwise specified, all products are printed with a full colour CMYK process and, as with any full colour work, colour matching is not guaranteed.
Please note that, through the full colour print process, print colour may vary from print to print, stock to stock, front to back, and first product of the run to the last product of the run. This is a natural, unavoidable aspect of full colour print.
If colour matching is a requirement of the job, then you must let us know at the beginning of the job and specify which PMS colours, or otherwise provide us with colour samples.
Additional charges will apply for specific Pantone, PMS, or SPOT colours.
The colour represented in the artwork proof on screen (RGB) can vary to the final printed product (CMYK/PMS/SPOT).
Colours on your artwork proof are NOT guaranteed to be an accurate representation of the final printed product.

However similar they may look on screen, RGB, SPOT and CMYK colours will not all print the same. RGB is primarily used for online viewing only, however can be forgiving if printed on a digital printing press. CMYK and SPOT colour models use different techniques in applying the colour so will not offer exactly the same outcome. CMYK layers the colours one at a time to achieve your end result, where SPOT colour is pre-mixed before being printed. Read more about each.

Offset printing uses a rubber 'blanket' to transfer the printed image from a metal plate to the paper stock. Using a mixture of ink and water balance, jobs printed offset are either printed in CMYK or SPOT colour. The use of a professional designer is essential when preparing your artwork.

Digital printers use dry toner and the image is transferred electronically to the stock. Artwork goes through far less scrutiny when being printed on digital machines as they are more 'forgiving' of artwork created by non-professional designers which may have some technical errors.

If you were to print the exact same job on an offset and then a digital press, there is likely to be a colour difference. That's why it is difficult to offer a digital print proof for an offset print job as it will not be a true indication of colour. To check the colour on an offset job, a press-check would be required. This means while the job is on the press, the colours are checked and adjusted as needed, before continuing with the print run.

Spot Gloss -Spot UV is a screen printed high gloss finish which can be applied to selected spots to enhance or highlight the printing. Spot UV can run to bleed

Hot stamp foiling is the process of imprinting a highly shiny foil onto the surface of your printing. Available in Silver or Gold in our ganged matt laminated print runs, or contact us for a bespoke quote if a different colour or stock option is required.

Add texture with an embossed (raised surface) or a debossed pattern (sunken into the surface)

Metallic Ink
Add a metallic ink to your print work with either PMS 877 Silver or PMS 871 Gold. A cheaper alternative to foiling, the metallic inks reflect light to give your printing a distinctive sheen

Anti-scuff matt laminating
Dirty fingerprints will be kept at bay and will leave your print with a clean appearance. This durable print finish is ideal for brochures, folders and other print products which need to be kept looking pristine, and is also handy for items which will be used repeatedly. This finishing technique is especially effective when used over darker printed areas, as they tend to show up marks and scratches more than lighter shades. Whilst protecting your publications, anti-scuff lamination also ensures that your prints have a crisp and clear finish, making them visually appealing yet also safe from any scuffs. Using this method will allow a longer life-span on your products,

Soft touch matt laminating
Soft touch lamination, sometimes called Cellotouch, offers a protective finish with a matt effect and a soft, velvet-like texture. This distinctive finish encourages people to engage with the product due to its appealing surface. As a result of its premium feel, soft touch lamination is ideal for use on luxury packaging, high-end brochures and business cards. Soft touch lamination is also the perfect choice of lamination due to its durable qualities; for example, its finish leaves the product fingerprint free, which is essential when trying to promote a deluxe item. It also is naturally more scuff resistant than standard forms of lamination, such as matt, and is non-yellowing, meaning that its finish is prolonged

There are usually 5 stages of the proofing and order process, subject to volume and complexity of the job:

1/ .pdf Proof (12-24hrs): Once we have received your print ready creative, we will email you a .pdf proof for your approval or amendment.

2/ Digital Printed Mock Up (1-3days): Once we have received your approval of the supplied .pdf proof, we will then proceed to print in digital and assemble a working mock-up of your video brochure and email you pictures of the assembled unit.

*** The mock-up is to verify composition and content only. It is NOT intended as a colour guide and will NOT represent any special print finishes such as Spot UV.

3/ Offset Mass Print (7-10days): Once you have approved the mock up unit and paid the invoice we will then proceed to mass offset print and email you pictures of the printed paper for pre-production approval.

4/ Final Assembly and Delivery (1-3days): Once you have approved the sample pictures of the mass printed paper, we will then proceed to assemby of your video brochures and pack ready for shipment

5/ Delivery (3-5days): Your order is now booked with International Freight Forwarder (usually DHL Express) for delivery

***The above timelines are a guide only, and do not include any unforeseen problems which may occur with production, freight forwarding, customs entry etc

***Standard Proofing consists of digital (PDF) copies of the printing, and digital photographs of an assembled Product

***An actual Replica Sample of the printed shell and/or assembled product may be furnished upon request. Additional costs will apply, inlcuding shipping cost.

With every Video Brochure a 60cm USB-C cable is included for the purpose of charging, and also can be used to update content on the device.

Generally, we will preload your content during the assembly process. Should your content not be available during this time, then you may upload the content yourself by use of the supplied USB-C cable and connecting to your PC or MAC.
In almost all cases it is best to render your video using (MONO) audio settings, otherwise audio may stutter during playback.
Note: If you upload more than 1 video, you may wish to number the files so they will play in the desired sequence, for example 01.mp4, 02.mp4, 03.mp4

***IMPORTANT: Once you have completed the video upload, please ensure you eject the drive via the Safely Remove Hardware option in the system tray of your PC or MAC. If you simply pull an external drive out of a running computer, you might lose files, crash applications, or, even crash the Video Brochure.

The battery level indicator will display for 2 seconds at the top right part of the screen, upon opening of the cover. Should you need to charge the battery, we recommend using the USB wall adaptor for charging of the Video Brochures. Connecting to your PC or MAC is recommended for uploading or updating content only.
It is advised to keep the cover OPEN when charging the video brochures, otherwise the LCD screen will 'warm' the celloglaze of the inside cover causing the celloglaze to curl, and ruining the cover. Charging should take no more than 3 hours for most products

We can lock your content so that the content cannot be copied, removed, or replaced. A special passcode is required to unlock the copy protection. To unlock passcode protection, connect to PC with the supplied USB-C cable, keep cover open, wait for 'charging' status, then press Volume up, down, up, you should now have 'connected' status

Due to an embedded magnetic switch that allows the video brochure to automatically play when opened, video brochures must be alternated when stacked to "keep them quiet" during shipping and storage. Orientating video brochures in the exact same direction may cause interruptions in the magnetic field that shuts off each video brochure, "fooling" the video brochure in to thinking its cover is opened. This in turn drains the battery

Once artwork has been approved and accepted by the printer and all monies and/or deposits have been paid, the turnaround time is usually around 3-4weeks, depending on the quantity and complexity of the order.

Video Brochures can be re-used, or re-purposed by uploading the player with anything you like. Family photos, family videos, and videos of cats....anything that tickles your fancy, as many times as you like.

Don't forget to recycle when you are done with the video player

Video Brochures Australia accepts payments via Bank Transfer, Visa, MasterCard, or, American Express.
To pay via credit card please click on the link at the bottom of invoice which was sent to you via email for payment.


perfect 5 stars on Google

  • Rebecca Hambour - May 2023

    I am delighted to recommend Video Brochures Australia. The turn around time, attention to detail and quality finishes have exceeded our expectations and the process has been seamless and transparent. Thank you for delivering an exceptional product.

  • Andrew Desa - January 2023

    Thank you VBA for the excellent service. John was fantastic to deal with, always prompt with his response. I would strongly recommend using VBA as a point of difference when it comes to direct mail.

  • James Moussa - November 2022

    Videobrochures Aus were such a pleasure to deal with! This was a first for our business so we needed a lot of patience and to be walked through the process. The team were very accommodating and helped guide us through by sending over samples, both digitally and physically, so we could gauge on what would work best for us. Once we locked in the size, design and finish, the timeline to get the products into our office was surprisingly quick and the books look and feel great. Would definitely come back in the future and recommend Videobrochures Aus to any business looking to extend their direct marketing campaigns!

  • Stephanie Qiu - June 2022

    If you are looking for quality video brochures/boxes with customer service that is second to none, this is the place. I was after a tight turnaround, so their team worked around the clock and eventually the units arrived at my door ahead of schedule - in amazing, premium quality. I would highly recommend Video Brochures Australia to you all

  • Tanisha Seeling - January 2022

    Outstanding service at every step of the way. Professional and prompt responses and extremely high quality product. Very happy with the outcome. Thank you

  • Lily Francis - January 2022

    Great product, and overall great experience. Helpful, efficient and very happy with the final product! Would definitely recommend

  • Kegan - June 2022

    Incredibly helpful, communication and responsiveness flawless as too the final result! Will certainly look forward to partnering up again soon!

  • Katie Kennard - December 2021

    Great company to work with, John was always helpful & quick to respond. Very happy with the finished product. We would highly recommend Video Brochures Australia to anyone considering investing in video books

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    Extremely happy with the services provided by Video Brochures Australia. John was extremely helpful throughout the process ensuring we received the best result possible. Great quality and service

  • Chris Taylor - March 2021

    Great to work with John. The final product is fantastic. Very pleased and would definitely use again

  • Elija - Sept 2020

    I have used Video Brochures Australia for a number of product launches. Their service and product quality are outstanding. John always goes the extra mile and nothing is too much trouble - I wish all my suppliers were like him!

  • Lana - Dec 2020

    Had another great experience with John, was super helpful as always and look forward to working with him and Video Brochures Australia again. Cheers

  • Lenna - Sept 2020

    Thank you John for all your help with producing our video cards. Beautifully executed, extremely responsive and a lot of care for attention to detail. Thanks for all your help and look forward to working with you again!

  • Jason S - Aug 2020

    Fantastic company to deal with, John was very helpful, turnaround on the order was quick and the quality of the final product is incredible. Cannot recommend highly enough!

  • Zahn N - Nov 2020

    Its been a real pleasure dealing with John and Video Brochures. The products were turned around so quickly and the teams are super impressed with the final result!

  • Cheyenne - Aug 2020

    The team at Video Brochures Australia have been a delight to deal with. They provided us with excellent advise and were extremely professional and patient through out the entire process. Thank you again for a great job.

  • Mark S - July 2020

    The entire process from start to finish was professional and directive.The end product was exceptional. When people see it, they are amazed. I would highly endorse this service to accelerate your marketing edge.


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